EMP Money: A Revolutionary Protocol Disrupting the DeFi World

You want to make money, but don’t want to risk your hard earned cash on high yield investment programs or risky assets. Most people think that you have to take big risks in order to make a lot of money, but that’s not true. There are safe investments out there that offer high yields. EMP is one of those investments.

EMP.Money is a revolutionary defi protocol on the Binance Smart Chain. EMP’s token value is algorithmically pegged to the value of Ethereum (ETH). As the value of ETH goes up and down, our ecosystem is able to mint new EMP in a responsible manner, to maintain the EMP/ETH correlation. This process is known as seigniorage and is what the world’s money supply is based on in traditional markets.

EMP’s price is pegged via algorithmic code with a 4,000:1 ratio to ETH. $40k ETH = $10 EMP PEG. Enjoy high yields normally only found on high-risk assets, but with exposure to ETH instead!

The EMP algorithmic token serves as the backbone of a rapidly growing ecosystem. Aimed towards bringing liquidity and new use cases to the Binance Smart Chain Network. The mechanism that governs a protocol, adjusts EMP supply in response to changes in the price of Ethereum, pushing its price up or down. EMP money is a multi token protocol that includes the following three tokens: EMP, EMP Shares (ESHARE) & EMP Bonds (EBOND).

The key distinction between us and other platforms is that we have better tokenomics than comparable projects, with no early investment whales dumping and a treasury that finances token buybacks to maintain the peg.

EMP staking procedure allows you to achieve high APRs without having to worry about what to do or when to do it. Since the EMP team has already developed and released an ideal winning blueprint for new investors. We all win, if the majority of investors follow this winning strategy. The team has even gone as far as creating a free academy full of educational videos and strategies for those who are entering the protocol.

On top of that, we’ve built a growing community full of enthusiastic members that are dedicated to educating and taking care of its newest investors. Our community is vibrant, positive and eager to share their knowledge of how powerful the earning potential of this protocol truly is.

Join us for one of our nightly AMA’s over on telegram/youtube.

Our project page: https://emp.money

Our telegram community:https://t.me/empmoney

Our discord community: https://discord.gg/empmoney

Our twitter: https://twitter.com/empmoneybsc

Our Youtube Channel: https://youtube.com/c/EmpMoney

Our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emp.money/

Our Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/EMPMoney/

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